What You Should Have in Your Logistics/Courier Website

The highly competitive nature of Logistics and Transport companies make it necessary to have an online presence. Professional website increases market awareness, customer’s satisfaction and improved productivity. Some highly recommended functionality are required to create a top logistics website which we will discuss as follows…

1. Real Time Order Tracking

Ability to keep tab on a shipment is very important, real-time order tracking is an essential feature used by reputable logistics and transport companies. A unique ID will be provided by the shipping company, all that is required is for the concerned parties to enter the tracking number into the tracking field and see the current status of the shipment including location and expected time of delivery. This feature reduces stress, anxiety and delays. It also improves the confidence and reputation of the company.

2. Cost and Time Calculation

Along with expected time of delivery, a reputable logistics  company should imbibe the best design practice of informing the customers about the cost of shipment which is based on the size, weight, distance, country and other factors relating to the shipping of the product.
Cost and time calculation is also crucial for business who you use logistics companny for their shipping procurement and workflows, it means there is transparency in the B2C logistics.

3.Online Ordering

The operational efficiency of a centralized order and billing management dashboard on your logistics websites showing all details of the order can not be over emphasized. Reputable logsitics website company enables clients to book shipment any time of the day from any device with no complexities. This is an effective feature that facilitates Business To Customers logistics.

4. Live Support Chat

For quick contact and other enquiries, live chat support is required to solve quick problem such as the process of the shipping, documentation, transit and delivery. Along with live chat, contact form is also a very important feature a reputable logistics company should have.

4. Secure Online Payment(Gateway Payment)

E-commerce has been a source of contribution to logistics companies, the ability to have an option to pay for services directly on your website is of great advantage and it thrives the business. So it is neccesary to integrate payment gateway for customers in order to make online payment.
For easier transactions and flexibility, you can add several payment options so each customers can decide their preferred payment option that suits their needs.

Just in case you are interested in having a logistics website, we are here to offer the best cost effective solution with timely delivery, contact us now for more discussion and quotation.