1.  Source of Information

Your website gives your hotel a great opportunity to display the most exciting and unique features. In displaying the unique features about your hotel, it gives you an edge in terms of preference. Having a regular blog, super gallery of images and featured videos will go a long way in showcasing the uniqueness of your hotel.
As a source of information for your hotel, the website carries information that will be useful for both guests and the hotel.
Information such as history, attractions and available landmarks, distinctive traits, conference opportunities, restaurant offers, gym, swimming pool, boutique etc.

The information will be attractive for google search if they are well optimized, which will place your hotel in top google search.

2. Direct Sales and Online Booking

One of the advantages of having a hotel website is direct sales and online booking. Effective sales of room and hotel services is essential in increasing the hotel overall performance. Sales and booking can be achieved by connecting the website to an efficient booking engine. A guest will have the option to check available rooms, make a booking from any level of the site, will also have access to check special offers and packages. Upselling is also a very good means, adding up incentives such as bottle of wine in the room, free breakfast, parking etc.

Direct sales allow you to build a long lasting relationship with the guests which will return sales and recommendations for the hotel. OTAs are good source of sales to the hotels, but direct sales reduces the commission that will be given to the OTAs, this in turn means the amount can be channeled on other marketing and pro-sales activities.

A well designed hotel website simplifies communication, the booking process and builds hotel image.

3. Social Media Integration

Promoting your hotel’s own social media accounts is another great benefits when your hotel has a website. The links direct travel shoppers to your social media accounts, it is such a great extension which enhance your hotel uniqueness and help to create good story.
Your social media will show and tell your guest how fantastic you are, social media is a form of advertisement which enhances all round business promotions.

Web Design and Development

4. Stronger SEO Capabilities

Having your own website gives you the capability and flexibility to rank high in google search. Your website can do wonder for SEO because it is a free marketing tools that generates traffic back to your website. Having the freedom to design the various intricacies that gives room for SEO, it is important to pay attention to keywords, headers, social media links and regular blogs for travelers, event organizers, about food, festive etc.

Now with your own website, you have much more flexibility over the entire design and the various intricacies that go into allowing your page to organically rise in search engine. This can be achieved by improving your keywords, headers, social media links and being maintained frequently with fresh and important content to travel shoppers.

5. Guest Testimonial

Guest testimonial along with social media has a long lasting positive effect. Testimonial is an extension of word of mouth, the only difference is that it is shared online. When guest share their experience with your brand, a huge number of people will be influenced by the guest opinion whether it is positive or negative.

People can see the reviews or testimonials and in turn share their opinion of your brand. A Reputation Management Strategy should be in place to take advantage of this feedback. Responding to all reviews especially positive reviews shows that you care and offer more personal touch.

Responding to negative reviews shows that you are willing to take correction, and you care about the welfare and happiness of individual guest, changing the mind of an an unhappy guest goes a long way in improving your reputation but if negative reviews are unattended to, it could damage reputation and discourage future bookings.
Giving a clear cut time of response so guest can know the right time to expect a message from you should be put into consideration.

Your online presence determine largely the way in which your brand is viewed by others. It is beneficial to engage more with potential guest, it creates emotional connection and this will surely return to sales for the hotel because they will always remember you when it is time to make their booking.

Build Your Brand Image

Building a competitive website in terms of content compared to OTA, the website must be simple, user-friendly, simple and clear. Services such as restaurants, SPA, GYM, Events, other attractions at the hotel must be properly highlighted, including unique solutions that define the hotel’s character.

Must also keep in mind that the hotel image is not all about the visible aspect only, it entails the quality of service and building of long term relationships with the guest, guests will definitely review and share testimonial which in turns translate to more sales as we have discussed earlier.

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